Conqueror Happy Design Contest 2013-14

We are very pleased to share that our Creative Director Victor Lim has been invited to be one of the judges for Conqueror Happy Design Contest 2013-14.



The Paperweight Awards 2014

Our work for Stamford Cellars has been awarded The Paperweight Awards 2014, Country Winner for Corporate Identity.



Browsing Copy Series 03

Thank you Roy from Beautiful for inviting us to contribute to Browsing Copy Series 03.

Nobody buys a “Browsing Copy”. Its the most read. It works the hardes. But it never leaves the shop. Customers leaf through it, put it back on the shelf and take the book next to it. This project seeks to elevate the status and worth of these rejected books. Designers, illustrators and artists around the world are invited to use them as a canvas for their creativity.

Lovely copy for a wonderful project. Glad to be part of it.








SingaPlural 2012 – 30 Chairs LifeStories

The Singapore Furniture Industries Council (SFIC) has invited 30 multi-disciplinary creative representatives in Singapore to participate in “SingaPlural” – the inaugural Singapore Furniture Design Week: ‘30 Chairs LifeStories’. Trine was among the invited participants given the task of reinterpreting the iconic Singapore “Kopitiam” chair

“Having grown up in an era watching cartoons like Gatchaman G-Force, Transformers and Star Wars. I have fond memories of the daily Kopitiam pilgrimage with my grandfather, sitting on the worn out kopitiam chairs drinking milo off the saucer while my grandfather uses the cup. I would often imagined, while waiting, that the kopitiam chair would turn into a space craft or speedo bike and I would “shoot” down all the customers a.k.a enemies in the kopitiam. I would also always sit in the reverse direction. This is my “fantasy turns reality” inspiration behind my space craft kopitiam chair.”
Victor Lim, Creative Director






30 Chairs LifeStories will be exhibited at SCAPE, Park Mall and the Singapore Expo as one of the key highlights of SingaPlural from the 9 – 12 March 2012. For more information, check

Antalis 2012, The BLANK SHEET Project Calendar

We were invited to contribute to the month of March for Antalis 2012 desktop calendar. Twelve designers from Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand were commissioned to present a design piece based on the theme “How will you leave your mark?” on each month.

This piece of work was something close to our heart as we faced the loss of 2 of our loved ones during that year. I wanted to create something simple yet with the underlying message that nothing last forever and therefore the theme “Everything in life is transient”. The idea transcends to the execution where scratchable ink reinforces the idea of semi-permanence – that even the design is transient and can be removed to restore the paper to its original condition and made re-usable again.

Creative Rationale: Everything in life is transient
Nothing in life is permanent, everything is transient. Everyday, we challenge ourselves to make our mark. And in doing so, we tend to forget the little things in life that have made us who we are. As we gain more in life – the knowledge, experience and wealth; we also lose sight of the important things – the simpler living, the memories, the little joys. Only through sudden loss, do we find ourselves looking back for the fragments that lingers in our memories. The inverted triangle symbolizes the growth of life, knowledge and memories that built up as we grow. Along the journey, we will
also lose fragments of our past – represented by the small triangles pointing downward.






Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2011 for Blueprint 2011

We are pleased to share that our agency creative work for BLUEPRINT 2011 campaign was awarded the red dot award: communication design 2011 (Corporate Design). Many thanks to all our partners and sponsors for their support.


Work Featured in 2 books

Our work for Antalis is featured in 2 new books, The Best of Cover Design by Altitude and Fingerprint No.2: The Evolution of Handmade Elements in Graphic Design by Chen Design Associates.


Audi X Trine


We are extremely pleased to be invited by AUDI as one of the eight designers to design skins their new Audi A1 cars that will be displayed during the Audi Fashion Festival 2011. Catch them at the Tent@Orchard (entrance of Takashimaya) from 13 to 19 May 2011. You can also vote for your favourite Audi A1 Skin and stand a chance at winning a pair of tickets to the Tiffany & Co presented by The Link show at Audi Fashion Festival. Competition hosted by Urban (The Straits Times)



A1 Style Skin – Night and Day

To celebrate the epitome of fashion and car design, Trine Design Associate aims to transform a commercial object into an evocative showstopper. Inspired by the endless transition offashion trends from season to season, Trine Design Associates interprets these fashion trends through the flowing organic skin design that transforms seamlessly between two alternatelooks from day to night. Imprinted with high-tech thermo sensitive inks on the ultra-sleek Audi A1 surface, the design exudes the infinitely sexy combination of thrilling dynamism and tension. The “day” mode sets a stark minimalist tone against the curvilinear background while the “night” mode unveils bold sleek sophistication upon its powerful red background. Trine Design Associate Audi A1 is a fashionable case of Jekyll and Hyde.




Trine X Blueprint Premiere 2011

Blueprint 2011 was officially announced at a press conference on Friday, 11 March and Trine premiered our own design “collection” with all the work we’ve done as Creative Partner. From the new Blueprint logo, press kit folder, now snazzy website accessible to the campaign concept and key visuals, Trine has hit another milestone and this time in the exciting fashion arena. Of exceptional note is the three-dimensional paper installation we created for the set, done the day before the photo shoot to preserve the delicate paper sculptures. Watch our exclusive behind-the-scenes video to get the scoop on what happened at the one-of-a-kind set-up and shoot.


Malca-Amit Singapore Opening Night

Our warmest congratulations to Malca-Amit and its local arm! The soiree was a huge success with The Singapore FreePort gallery rooms transformed by Trine into a chic and intimate space for celebration. From the customised chocolate gold bars debossed with the company’s logo, to the gold foil balloons along the mirrored walkway spelling the company’s name to the panels set up in the corridor featuring its facilities and global office map, Malca-Amit was out and proud that night as clients, friends and staff alike toasted to the opening of the Singapore office.